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Heck Yes Craft

Amber Jensen's Sumptuous, Sturdy Satchels

Sketchbook Crafts' bags and backpacks built by hand in North Carolina...

Giovanna Torrico’s Vintage-Sequin Jewelry

Light, kinetic, textural jewelry that showcases resilient, resplendent materials...

MONDAYS’ Striking, Detail-Oriented Ceramics

The women behind MONDAYS create striking ceramic forms that command attention.

Alexia Cohen's Organic and Architectural Jewelry

Delicate jewelry that brings nature and structure to life...

Reiko Ishiyama’s Lithe, Lovely Jewelry

Jewelry that's mesmerizing, rhythmic, and exquisite...

Roy Kesrouani's Thermoplastic Darlings

Architectural and eco-friendly outdoor furniture...

Maryanne Moodie’s Bright, Textural Tapestries

Tapestries that channel the past with contemporary character.

Brett Freund’s Cool, Crystalline Ceramics

Brett Freund’s ceramics are porcelain feats of construction.

Kristina Fjellman’s Ethereal Fiber Art

Intriguing, ethereal, and richly textured wall hangings and lanterns...

Tim Brudnicki’s Tranquil, Rustic Woodwork

Furniture that brings natural elements and themes into modern designs, with beautiful, harmonious results.


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