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Heck Yes Craft

Tim Brudnicki’s Tranquil, Rustic Woodwork

Furniture that brings natural elements and themes into modern designs, with beautiful, harmonious results.

Tara Locklear’s Creative, Colorful Jewelry

Show-stopping jewelry with unexpected materials, rendered in a range of bright, bubbly colors.

Amy Arnold’s Endearing, Expressive Carved Sculpture

Amy Arnold’s fascinating carved wood figures are expressive, eccentric, and endearing.

Eric Grimes’ Whimsical Scrap-Wood Monster Boxes

Did you know that a small wooden box could be so adorable?

Alan Daigre’s Naturally Beautiful Wooden Furniture

From his studio in rural Tennessee, Alan Daigre crafts exceptionally elegant wooden furniture.

Christy Klug’s Striking Statement Jewelry

Bold, compelling statement jewelry that strikes an impressive balance...

Martha Collins’ Handsome Woven Woodwork

Martha Collins infuses her beautiful, delicate woodwork with intricate woven patterns.

Raïssa Bump’s Charismatic, Textural Jewelry

Raïssa Bump brings a lot of elements into her charismatic, complex jewelry...

David Royce’s Elegant, Ethereal Glass

Intricately carved glass vessels and sculptures that balance rich, glowing tones with intriguing, imaginative textural elements.

Susie Ganch’s Evolving Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry that serves as a powerful commentary on the nature of time and change...


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