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Throwback Thursday

Fireworks and Folk Objects

Just in time for the Fourth of July, an object designed to entertain through its fiery destruction...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Webb!

Three cheers on the 123rd birthday of our beloved founder...

Tom Loeser's Flotilla

Exploring Loeser's boat-inspired sculptural wooden forms...

Emergence: Student-Craftsmen

In 1963, the MCC showcased six schools to represent students in studio craft.

Paul J. Stankard's Environmental Paperweight

Celebrating the work of the 2015 Glass Art Society Lifetime Achievement Award recipient...

Act 8 by Gerhardt Knodel

Enjoy Gerhardt Knodel's 1974 fabric installation.

Memorial Marker by Bob Nugent

A meditative paper sculpture to inspire this holiday weekend...

An Amusing Road Trip

Riding the Red Car at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts...

Susan Lyman's Eel Hive

On May 20, 1982, the American Craft Council opened the astutely named American Craft Museum II at International Paper Plaza at 77 West 45th Street in New York City, sponsored by International Paper Company and International Paper Company Foundation. Its inaugural exhibition, "Papermaking USA: History, Process, Art," featured works by 34 artists who approached papermaking from varied perspectives.

Celebrating John Paul Miller

On his birthday, we learn the basics of his granulation technique...


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