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Throwback Thursday

Betty Woodman: Conversations in Clay

A celebrating the new gold medalist's years of contributions to the field.

Jane Lackey's Interdisciplinary Ideations

Celebrating the artist's remarkable visions in fiber and mixed media...

William Carlson: A Lifelong Odyssey in Glass

Looking back through the different phases of the artist's illustrious career...

Michael Hurwitz: Detailing the Things that Matter

An appreciation of how the woodworker transforms simple, functional forms with intricate details.

Bruce Metcalf's Martial Headpiece

A throwback image of the artist modeling one of his innovative creations...

Judith Schaechter’s Dreaming Angel

A closer look at the artist's past work and detailed approach to stained glass...

John Gill: Young Americans

A look back at the 1978 “Young Americans” winner in clay...

Tina Oldknow: Champion of Glass

A look back at what the curator considers to be one of her greatest works...

Fleur Bresler's Container of Curiosities

Looking back on the contributions one woman has made to the field of craft...

Art in Worship at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts

In 1967, visitors to the museum could enjoy mid-century examples of art and design in worship.


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