Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The American Craft Council is governed by a board of trustees responsible for the policies, programs, and fiduciary well-being of the organization. Trustees are drawn from the spectrum of the craft community and allied professions. Meeting twice each year, they serve a three-year term and may be reelected for one additional three-year term or up to three special one-year terms. Trustees elect the officers of the board: the chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer. These elected officers and chairs of various committees form the executive committee of the board, which meets several times during the year.

FY 2020 Officers

Chuck Duddingston, Chair
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gary J. Smith, Chair Elect
San Francisco, California

Rebecca Myers, Vice Chair
Baltimore, Maryland

Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, Treasurer
Weston, Massachusetts

Folayemi Wilson, Secretary
Chicago, Illinois

Robert Duncan
Lincoln, Nebraska

Carl Fisher
Tacoma, Washington

Rachel K. Garceau
Palmetto, Georgia

Ken Girardini
Sykesville, Maryland

Harriett Green
Columbia, South Carolina

Nina Hale
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ann Hatch
San Francisco, California

Charlotte Herrera
Webster, New York

Ayumi Horie
Portland, Maine

Sarah K. Khan
New York, New York

Kathryn LeBaron
Lincoln, Nebraska

Beth Lipman
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Thomas Loeser
Madison, Wisconsin

Joseph P. Logan
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Robert Lynch
Washington, DC

Lydia Matthews
Brooklyn, New York

Jean W. McLaughlin
Little Switzerland, North Carolina

Lynda Bourque Moss
Billings, Montana

Patrice N. Perkins
Chicago, Illinois

Lynn Pollard
Atlanta, Georgia

Carol Sauvion
Los Angeles, California

Amy Schwartz
Corning, New York

Michael J. Strand
Fargo, North Dakota

Stephanie Syjuco
Oakland, California

Christopher R. Taylor
Seattle, Washington

Lucille L. Tenazas
Beacon, New York

Marilyn Zapf
Asheville, North Carolina

Life Trustees

Leilani Lattin Duke
Pacific Palisades, California

Stoney Lamar
Saluda, North Carolina

Marlin Miller
Reading, Pennsylvania

Sara S. Morgan
Houston, Texas

Thomas Turner
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Barbara Waldman
San Francisco, California