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Best in Show

Published on Monday, April 29, 2019. This article appears in the April/May 2019 issue of American Craft Magazine.
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Napping Jojo, Moccasin pet bed

Napping Jojo's Moccasin pet bed

Light & Corner Studio

Most cats and dogs love nothing more than a good snooze – unless it’s cuddling up to their humans’ shoes. Leeling Ho of New York City company Napping Jojo cleverly combined those two loves in a bed that any pet will take to. Handmade in the US of sherpa and faux suede, the Moccasin pet bed might just be the stuff pets’ dreams are made of. 

As an artist, Carin Mincemoyer works in sculpture and installation; as the founder of Habifab, she crafts poplar playhouses for small pets. Rabbits may be perfectly content in a cardboard box, the Pittsburgh maker notes, but their human counterparts are much happier living with something sleeker, such as this modernist abode. Plus, a portion of Habifab’s profits goes to animal rescue and adoption agencies. 

Lyndsey Drago wouldn’t settle for just any coat to keep her pup warm; she wanted something that matched her own Americana style. So she threaded her sewing machine and made one from a vintage blanket. Since 2010, her Maine company Billy Wolf has helped fashion-conscious dog owners keep their pets in style, with durable, sustainably sourced wares such as these collars made of found indigo mud cloths. 

A happy dog’s energy brightens up the home; the mess that can result isn’t as much fun. Cask & Hide’s founder, Californian Indi Hampton, has a solution that will keep your floor tidy without sacrificing style. Her wipeable waxed-canvas placemat helps contain the spills (and sometimes drool) that often accompany dinnertime. 

Inspired by the Tetris video game and their love for pets, the team behind Katris creates modular cat trees of corrugated cardboard, a sturdy and scratch-friendly material. The stackable shapes, designed in Silicon Valley and made in Taiwan, offer not only plenty of surfaces where cats can perch and rule over the household, but also ideal niches for storing books and shoes.