Made in Philly

Made in Philly

Published on Wednesday, October 9, 2019. This article appears in the October/November 2019 issue of American Craft Magazine.
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Share Studio Closed-top Vessel Lamp

Share Studio’s Closed-top Vessel Lamp

Stephanie Hare

Artisan paper isn’t just for love letters and wedding invitations. Take Share Studio’s Closed-top Vessel Lamp, which sports a custom paper lampshade. Ever since founder Stephanie Hare fell in love with handmade paper about a decade ago, she’s been making a variety of high-end, small-batch paper products. From her Philadelphia studio, she also produces online tutorials and tools for aspiring papermakers.

Kiki Smith doll

Photo: Will Brown

By collaborating with artists-in-residence to create pieces for their gift shop, the Fabric Workshop and Museum gives visitors a chance to collect work by well-known talent, such as these delightful screen-printed dolls by Kiki Smith. Other offerings include clothes, bags, scarves, pillows, and ceramics designed by craft luminaries such as Jun Kaneko and Betty Woodman. 

Lobo Mau clothing

Photo: Aileen Bannon

Ethical fashion has a Philadelphia address: Lobo Mau, brother and sister duo Nicole and Jordan Haddad’s distinctive clothing line. The pair does extensive material research, makes use of deadstock (fabric left over from industrial garment production), and engages in careful design and fitting to sidestep environmental exploitation. Their carbon footprint is small, too; fabrics are screen-printed by hand in their studio or machine knitted at local family-owned mills. 

American Hats LLC hat

Photo: Robert Attaway Photography

A century ago, millinery was one of the biggest industries in the US, and Philadelphia, home of the storied Stetson hat, was a hub. Today, American Hats LLC is working to revive that tradition. Founded by the Reverend Georgiette Morgan-Thomas, an avid hat wearer, the company uses American-made materials to craft its handsome pieces just outside of downtown Philly, in the hope of inspiring people of this century to make hats a part of their style. 

Lulu and Glass hair comb

Photo: Louise ORourke Photography

Sport flowers in your hair all year long with Lulu and Glass’ dreamy hair combs. Handcrafted by Louise ORourke, each piece is a unique art deco-inspired bouquet of stained-glass petals. Perfect for special events, weddings, and whenever you want a look that never wilts.