April/May 2017

April/May 2017

The Collecting Issue
April/May 2017 American Craft cover
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Welcome to our issue on collecting. Articles will become available online throughout April and May. To read the articles sooner than they're available online, become a member and enjoy a subscription to American Craft magazine as part of your ACC membership.


Amber Cowan River Green And Mint

Tender Tribute

In the hands of Amber Cowan, shards of vintage glass tableware become captivating sculptures that honor the past.
Richard Haining wood vessels

Around the Bend

Using fragments of wood from surprising sources – water towers, gym flooring, old patio materials – Brooklyn artist Richard Haining builds mosaic-like vessels and furniture one quarter-inch piece at a time.
Danielle Gori-Montanelli Cubic Units Collar

The Bright Side

As soon as jeweler Danielle Gori-Montanelli realized felt’s vibrant potential, her offbeat designs leapt from monochromatic to multi-hued.
Marie Watt Between Two Works In Progress

Gather Round

Marie Watt understands what makes objects dear to people: stories.

In Every Issue

Material Matters

Tom Hill Pink Chick


Using wire, wood, metal – oh, and potatoes – Tom Hill makes flocks of birds that are fixed in space, but far from static.

Wide World of Craft

North Pierhead Lighthouse

Cape Calm: Door County, Wisconsin

Door County, Wisconsin, has a little bit of everything: state parks with scenic trails, a rich maritime history, cherry orchards, and craft artists galore.

Editor's Letter

Shop Talk

Mithra Ballesteros For The Perpetual Kid

Finder Not Keeper

Mithra Ballesteros of Finder Not Keeper on hunting for objects that, together, tell a story.

The Short List

Product Placement

John Humphrey Greycork Set


Greycork’s affordable furniture for the stylish nomad.

Personal Paths

Jacob Ferrato Antiflage

Kicks Meister

Many creative teenagers revamp their clothes and accessories; Ohio shoemaker Jacob Ferrato turned it into his job.

Crafted Lives

The Baldridge family

Light Fantastic

Artist Mark Baldridge’s ’70s abode may have started out plain; it’s far from it now.

On Our Radar

Luci Jockel Silence Of The Lambs Necklace

Luci Jockel

Luci Jockel’s haunting jewelry of animal remains.

Shows to See


Mark Hill

The New Crew

In an age when less is more, many fear that the end of fine craft collecting is nigh. BBC Antiques Roadshow regular Mark Hill sees the glass half-full: Collecting has changed, but it’s far from finished.

One Piece


Collective Unconscious

Dylan Gold Twisted console

Your Art Here

A collection might be only as beautiful as its display cabinet.