August/September 2016

August/September 2016

August/September 2016 American Craft cover
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Welcome to our wearables issue featuring Nika Feldman, JUMPSUIT, April Higashi, and more. Articles will be come available online throughout this month and next.

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Nancy Crow Teaching

It All Came Together

Nancy Crow has had her struggles and false starts, but the dynamic quiltmaker has ended up right where she’s supposed to be.
Lisa Sorrell With Kids

The Good Stuff

Lisa Sorrell brings style and keen skill to traditional cowboy boots.
Sharif Bey Studio Working

Open Studio

Sharif Bey applies a model of open engagement to his work as an artist and an educator.
Nika Feldman and Drew Trujillo

Road Warrior

Anywhere in the world, Nika Feldman finds her fit, connecting through the shared language of sewing.

In Every Issue

Crafted Lives

April Higashi And Ando

A Considered Space

April Higashi’s serene, three-tiered Bay Area home accommodates creative work, family, and business.

One Piece

Editor's Letter


On Our Radar

Wide World of Craft

Edris House

Desert Dreaming

The sun-drenched landscape of this California city is a draw for the rich and famous – and a magnet for artists.

Personal Paths

Debra Weiss Coveralls

Go with the Flow

The story behind the California clothing designer Debra Weiss’ journey.

Product Placement

The Short List

The Uppercase Compendium of Craft and Creativity

Labor of Love

Reviews of The Uppercase Compendium of Craft and Creativity, Dust Free Friends, and Faribault Woolen Mill: Loomed in the Land of Lakes...

Inside Track


Shows to See

Collective Unconscious

Jason Bige Burnett Pot


These artists may not work with textiles, but they still appreciate the tailor’s art.


Shop Talk

Zady Workers


How online retailer Zady uses storytelling to connect buyers to their clothing.