December/January 2011

December/January 2011

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Making It ... Big

Inventive jewelers are giving people the means to express themselves in a big way, creating emphatic, even boisterous pieces. Shonquis Moreno reports on this larger-than-life neckwear trend.


Radiating Pura Vida

In her comfortably stylish California home, this Costa Rican transplant creates elegant hybrid vessels, marrying ceramic work with pine needle basketry.


Beauty in a Bleak World

In World War II internment camps, Japanese-Americans connected with craft as a matter of physical and emotional necessity. Julie K. Hanus interviews Delphine Hirasuna about this little-known body of work.

In This Issue


Craft Storytellers

In 1983, 16 artists pitched in $400 apiece to open Show of Hands gallery in Denver.


Crowning Touch

Known for hip fedoras, Albertus Swanepoel's career as a milliner has drawn upon destiny.


Data Processing

At the Fuller Craft Museum, curator Fo Wilson explores digital technology in contemporary craft.


Eye on the Ball

With the soccer ball as a starting point, Glenn Adamson ponders the meaning of handmade in a globalized age.