December/January 2014

December/January 2014

American Craft magazine December/January 2014 cover
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Nathalie Miebach, Portrait

Composing Chaos

Nathalie Miebach transforms scientific data into wondrous sculptures and scores.

Agelio Batle with an Array of Graphite Objects

The Alchemist

With his latest project, Agelio Batle proves that everything can be transformed.

Stephen Yusko Portrait

Industrial Strength

Stephen Yusko’s work rests on the bedrock of thoughtful design and exacting craftsmanship.

Hilary Pfeifer, ’sWarm (Detail) - 2

It All Adds Up

Hilary Pfeifer brings a spirit of play to works with a serious edge.

In Every Issue

The Short List



In Progress

Personal Paths

Ronan Peterson, Hornet’s Cut Bowl

Down to Earth

Ronan Peterson's pots reflect growth and decay through layers of pattern, color, and texture.

One Piece

On Our Radar

John Souter, Cadillac

Fired Up

For John Souter, leaving each of his ceramic pieces open for interpretation is the whole point.

Material Matters

Jim Bachor, Perpetual Twinkies

Lasting Impressions

Former adman Jim Bachor understands the power of medium, message, and a good gimmick.

Crafted Lives

Catalina Diez and Children

Please Touch the Art

The home of Catalina Diez, Juan Carlos Ortiz, and their family is not a hands-off museum.

Wide World of Craft

Shop Talk

Product Placement

Amber Marshall, Dappled Vases

Show Business

Glass artist Amber Marshall takes her work to shows not just to earn, but also to learn.

Shows to See

Editor's Letter

Collective Unconscious

Margaux and Walter Kent, Autumnal Library Necklace

Under Covers

Books are powerful symbols of language and learning – and lusciously tactile objects in their own right.


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