February/March 2017

February/March 2017

American Craft February/March 2017 Cover
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Robyn Horn Using Chisel

Tipping Point

Robyn Horn’s steady, diligent execution yields precariously balanced sculptures that seem to defy physics.
Katie Hudnall Portrait

Putting It Together

Equal parts bricoleur and woodworker, Katie Hudnall builds her fantastical creations, piece by piece.

In Every Issue

Personal Paths

Personal Paths

Kristin Levier Undulata Bas

Microorganisms in Maple

A PhD in molecular biology and a thriving art career generally don’t go hand in hand, but for Idaho woodworker Kristin LeVier, science and art are perfect complements.

Product Placement

Hopie And Lily Stockman

Block Shop

Block Shop’s chic scarves are made in partnership with traditional woodblock printers.

Collective Unconscious

George Sawyer Rings

Deeply Ingrained

Don’t judge a book by its cover – and don’t judge a tree by its bark. These artists look past surfaces to the patterns found within.

The Short List

Shop Talk

Material Matters

Victoria Wagner

Good Vibrations

Victoria Wagner explores the mystical properties of color on paper, metal, and wood.

On Our Radar

Shows to See

Wide World of Craft


Eames and Ant chairs

Take a Seat

A new history of chairs finds there’s more than meets the eye – and the bum – in this piece of furniture.

Crafted Lives

Jon Brooks House Outside

The Experiment

To glimpse into furniture maker Jon Brooks’ fertile imagination, look no further than his home.

Editor's Letter



One Piece