June/July 2009

June/July 2009

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Let There Be Lighting

The British ceramic artist Margaret O’Rorke has forged a new path in pursuit of developing freestanding light sculptures that capitalize on the translucency of porcelain, with impressive results that combine the traditional and the modern with lyricism, boldness, ingenuity and a beauty that reveals her own form of magic. Robert Silberman interviews O’Rorke and highlights her remarkable international career.


Mid-Century Modernists

Jerome and Evelyn Ackerman made “things we could be proud of that people could afford and get pleasure from putting on their walls or tables.”


Making the Most of the Margins

Andy Brayman’s approach to functionality at his Matter Factory marries common sense and prankster plotting. Lily Kane finds out what makes this artist tick.

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Images of ladders, steps and clouds abound in Eun-Su Choi's lampworked constructions, conveying her theme of aspiration.


Grand Opera

Jun Kaneko's bold set and costume designs for Fidelio take the reader inside an opera production.


Paul Loebach

"You have to understand basic principles of design and mess with them," says this furniture designer.


San Antonio, Texas: Remember the Arts!

The singular River Walk is only the half of it in arts-friendly San Antonio, Texas. Shannon Sharpe finds the pulse of creativity in this colorful Southwest city.


Show and Tell

Artists, their works and their booths receive recognition at the Council's Baltimore and Atlanta shows.


Standing for Jewelry Arts

“I wear jewelry even when I go to the grocery store,” asserts Karen Lorene, owner of Seattle’s Facere Jewelry Art Gallery.