2017 Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodies

2017 Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodies

Browse our staff picks sure to delight the foodie in your life and add some cachet to their kitchen.

Published on Tuesday, December 5, 2017.
Stephanie Seal Brown plain weave hand towels

Stephanie Seal Brown, plain-weave hand towels, Egyptian cotton and European linen, 17 x 24 in.

Richard Gary

We're kicking off a series of gift posts to help you check those last-minute items off your holiday shopping list. First up, we've selected some items sure to delight the foodie in your life and add some cachet to their kitchen.

How many hand-forged gifts have you given lately? Will Manning of Athens, Georgia, is the one man knife-forging operation behind Heartwood Forge, making knives as beautiful to look at as they are to use. Up your giving game for the chefs in your life by presenting them with a knife handcrafted from recycled carbon steel and salvaged native hardwoods. ~Bailey Aaland

What better way to warm one’s spirits in winter than with a wooden whisky flask designed by artist Drew Storm Graham? More widely known for his signature, interchangeable wood-and-fabric bowties under the SwitchWood label, this Washington DC artist is a stickler about leaving his wood products unstained and untreated to accentuate their warmth and natural beauty. ~Pamela Diamond

Who doesn’t need a good pitcher? A lovely vessel like this one by Minnesota ceramist Fringe and Fettle has endless possibilities. Fill it with fresh blooms, or use it to serve fancy cocktails at your holiday party – the choice is yours. ~Rachel Messerich

North Drinkware’s pint glasses have a sense of place. They feature mountains from different states – Oregon (pictured), Colorado, and Washington, among others – inlaid at the bottom, making a mug of suds feel like an adventure. ~Robert O’Connell

“I created this line to elevate the simplest of daily tasks,” says textile designer Stephanie Seal Brown, who's based in New York and Kentucky. These handwoven towels of linen are vibrant, soft, and durable, and will make any kitchen task a pleasure. ~Beth Goodrich

With its matte surface and concrete facets, the Corvi Wine Cooler is unlike other containers for your favorite vintage. Designed by Francisco Corvi in Argentina, made of lightweight concrete in Mexico, and distributed out of Chicago, it keeps cold longer than other wine coolers – and looks sophisticated doing it. ~Monica Moses

Wondering what to get the sophisticated carnivores in your life? Designed by Brooklyn knifemaker Chelsea Miller, hand-finished in France, and wrapped in a case of soft Moroccan leather, this limited-edition steak knife set merges luxury with utility. ~Megan Guerber

These tumblers by L&M Studio out of New York's Hudson Valley can hold mulled cider, hot buttered rum, cranberry juice, sparkling water, or whatever your holiday drink of choice might be. They have the elegance of porcelain and the cheer of bright color – welcome any time of the year. ~Judy Arginteanu

Put out the perfect holiday party spread for entertaining with this walnut square charcuterie board by Blanc Creatives, based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Top it off with a set of forged bronze spreaders, and we guarantee your guests will be talking about your presentation long after the party ends. ~Elizabeth Ryan

Stay tuned for more gift suggestions for fashion, jewelry, and the home.