Craft Bash: Meet Our Host, Hennepin Made

Craft Bash: Meet Our Host, Hennepin Made

Learn more about the unique event space for our Craft Bash and Decked Out preview party.

Hennepin Made glassblowing

Hennepin Made artists working in the glassblowing studio.

Bailey Aaland

For the past few months, we've been busy working with Hennepin Made, Food Building, and There There Collective to coordinate this year’s holiday Craft Bash, an event celebrating craft, design, and the Minnesota maker community on December 1. Each collaborator brings a fresh perspective to the Craft Bash roster of makers and artisanal vendors, as well as ideas for hands-on experiences or demonstrations.

In years past, we’ve held our holiday craft show at the Grain Belt Brew House in northeast Minneapolis, but this year we’re moving to a very exciting new venue with an exciting new partner. We’ll be taking over the Hennepin Made’s production facility, which includes the glassblowing studio, Parallel cafe, and the Holden Room. We asked Lauren Kebschull, marketing and communications manager for Hennepin Made, to give us a rundown of the space and her thoughts on this year’s Craft Bash and the Decked Out preview party.

Tell us about Hennepin Made’s facility and the other brands it encompasses.
Our 30,000-square-foot building is the home of Hennepin Made blown-glass lighting, Parallel cafe, the Holden Room, and Hennepin & Co. – a co-op working space. At our core we're obsessed with design, craftsmanship, and creativity. These passions span across all of our brands in one way or another. We wanted to create an environment where we could display our lighting in unique ways, while also bringing people together in truly meaningful ways – through eating delicious food and drinking great coffee, through experiencing any range of events and gatherings in our event space, and through working and networking in an environment that facilitates creativity and community more than anything else. People experience our building and our businesses in totally different ways, based on what they are visiting for and their background. They are usually left feeling energized and inspired, and we strive to create those experiences in everything we do.

What are you most looking forward to about Craft Bash?
We are so excited to work with the American Craft Council this year and to be the host of the Craft Bash. Every day our world intersects with different makers and creatives, and it means a lot to us to get to facilitate an event that allows more than 70 makers the opportunity to sell their wares to the Minnesota community. We're also excited to get to have our own glassblowers demonstrate their talents to such a large audience. Our team is so talented, and we can't wait for them to get a little extra spotlight.

What can we expect at Decked Out?
The preview party is going to be a blast! This event is for serious holiday shoppers who support locally made goods and also for fun folk who want to just immerse themselves in an evening in the good company of Minnesota's best of the best makers. They get the first opportunity to shop while sipping a drink and listening to some tunes. There will be some other fun activities too, including live painting by local artists, tintype portraits, vintage shopping, and more.

Check out the artist directory and details for Craft Bash and get preview party tickets.