Make Room 2014: Let's Entertain in Baltimore

Make Room 2014: Let's Entertain in Baltimore

Published on Wednesday, January 22, 2014.
Laura Kimball Room

Laura Kimball room. Photo: Maximilian Franz/PhotoMax LLC

Last year showgoers could see craft in context with our home décor exhibition, “Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft.” We paired local designers with artists to create gorgeous, craft-inspired room vignettes. This year we’re at it again with a new theme: “Let’s Entertain.” From serving pieces to light fixtures to decorative accessories, our artists offer endless possibilities for making your space feel warm, welcoming, and festive. Come see spaces styled with pieces suited for fine dining, casual cocktails, the perfect party, and more. Chances are you’ll find just the right piece to accent your next gathering.

Designer: Lisa Adams, ASID
Design firm: Adams Design Inc.
Inspiration: Thomas Kelly, glass bowl; Fred Kaemmer, glass vessel
Design style: Innovative yet highly practical, our firm believes artful and inspired spaces should also be comfortable and livable. I listen and learn, then create spaces that reflect and work for the homeowner.
Vision: Placed on top of a bedside table, Kelly’s bowl adds soft color and a sense of tranquillity to a bedroom. Kaemmer's glass piece, on the other hand, contributes an air of drama — crackling electrically as if to charge the day with energy.

Designer: Barbara Brown, Allied ASID
Design firm: Barbara Brown Interiors Inc.
Inspiration: Valerie and Rick Beck, glass vase
Design style: I believe good design can be achieved in any style. I work closely with my clients to develop a plan and design they love in a manner that is enjoyable, effective, and reflects them or their business. Good interior design encompasses comfort, quality, and function to suit lifestyle, company culture, preferences, and requirements.
Vision: The mix of fabrics, textures, and modern art, combined with furniture you can curl up on, makes for an inviting living room. The gorgeous handmade vase provides just the right touch — the minute I saw it I knew it
was perfect for this beautiful room.

Designer: Darlene Molnar, LEED AP ID+C, Allied ASID
Design firm: Darlene Molnar LLC
Inspiration: Joël Urruty, wooden sculpture; Nicole and Harry Hansen, metal serving set
Design style: I lean toward a polished blend of natural and contemporary elements. My style errs on the side of modern, but I often incorporate classic touches, such as a vintage piece or traditional pattern to give a space extra character.   
Vision: My vignette will be a tailored space that balances artisan items with modern lines for a contrasting but simple space with contemporary and traditional appeal.

Designer: Katalin Farnady, Allied ASID
Design firm: Farnady Interiors
Inspiration: Joël Urruty, wooden sculpture; Cliff Lee, ceramic vases
Design style: I am very eclectic and enjoy every era of design. I like sophistication and warmth on a livable level. However, I try to achieve the unexpected and push myself as well as my clients’ boundaries while respecting traditional design aesthetics.
Vision: I am excited about the challenge of designing a room vignette around craft. My main focus is to make sure the craft will pop, but at the same time be coordinated into the overall look. I will aim for a bold, fresh look that will make people stop and think, and also give them a sense-of-home feel, since it is all about entertaining.

Designer: Christopher Patrick
Design firm: Christopher Patrick Interiors LLC
Inspiration: Lynn Pollard, fiber wall hanging; Gregg Hessel, copper candle holder
Design style: My design style is a curated mix of furniture, fabrics, and accessories to create a functional space that is personal and inviting. Throughout my designs, there’s always an underlying element of understated sophistication that centers on tailored lines and is a little bit masculine.
Vision: As an avid entertainer, I want this vignette to embody my vision of the perfect entertaining space. A good balance of texture and color will create a warm and inviting space and a furniture grouping that is multifunctional. The artists’ work will add the unifying elements to tie everything together.

Designer: Laura C. Kimball, CID, ASID
Design firm: LCK Interiors
Inspiration: Jerry Kermode, wooden vessel
Design style: Good design is functional as well as beautiful. When designed with integrity, it is timeless in character. My design signature embodies warmth and emotion. Good design can be achieved in every style and is attainable at every budget. Each space I create is tailored to my client’s wants, needs, and personal style, with careful attention to the purpose and end use of the space.
Vision: I incorporated a rich variety of textures, both tactile and visual. This was accomplished by pulling together contrasting elements of stone, wood, metal, glass, and textiles with a variety of rough, smooth, and soft textural attributes. Textures were emphasized through the architectural features, furniture, furnishings, and a variety of beautifully handcrafted art pieces.

Designer: Jody Wilens
Design firm: Interior Design Transformations
Inspiration: Kate and Ben Gatski, metal side table; Ed Branson, glass vessels
Design style: What makes my work so exciting is translating my client’s personal style into design solutions. By drawing out their taste, our firm creates varied results and achieves harmony between comfortable living environments that accentuate a room’s purpose, décor, and atmosphere.
Vision: I was inspired by both the vibrancy of the glass and the intensity of the craft’s colors. I also found the passion of the artisans, whose skill and love were shaped into their pieces, to be very moving. I want the room to become a dark, muted background and use illumination to draw the eye to the craft, helping those pieces shine and become the stars of the room.

Designer: Michael Roberson, ASID
Design firm: Michael Roberson Interior Design
Inspiration: Jo Roessler, wooden cabinet; Yoshi Fujii, ceramic teapot
Design style: Each project is an opportunity to create an environment unique to that individual, one that functions for their lifestyle and contributes to their emotional well-being.
Vision: These beautiful handcrafted pieces will add a sense of warmth and permanence to the room.

Designer: Paula A. Henry
Design firm: Simply Put Interiors Inc.
Inspiration: Thomas Kelly, glass sculpture
Design style: My design style seems to evolve, but I have always loved the use of patterns, layers, and textures. I enjoy mixing objects that don’t seem to go together until you see the harmony in a completed project. My home is a reflection of this.
Vision: Although this room is relatively small, I envision it as an intimate gathering spot with lots of storage for books. I incorporated purple into the design, which was easy for me since it is my favorite color.