Three craft kits to help refresh your space

Three craft kits to help refresh your space

Making your own wall-hangings can help you stay creative at home and provide a small-but-nice change of scenery.

Published on Wednesday, May 13, 2020.
Three craft kits to help refresh your space

Taking on new creative projects can help you relax and stay inspired while spending more time at home. Why not change up the aesthetic of your space in the process?

Makers around the country are making it easy to try out new forms of craft by offering kits and virtual tutorials. Here are three craft kits to help you add a new element to your home décor.

ReformFiber Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame plant hangers from ReformFibers

Plants can help bring the freshness of spring into your home, and artist Elsie Goodwin helps you tackle macrame planters with her kits and helpful tips. @reformfibers
Forest Culture Design Paint-by-Numbers Kit

Painted wooden wall art from Forest Culture Design

Artists Clare and Josh want to share the beauty of the outdoors with their paint-by-numbers kits. Check out their blog for more inspiration. @forestculturedesign
Spruce & Linen Weaving Kit

Woven wall hangings from Spruce & Linen

Spruce & Linen creator Jenell Flynn offers an array of video tutorials and and a variety of kits to help kickstart your next weaving project. @spruceandlinen


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