Top Six Craft Destinations of 2018

Top Six Craft Destinations of 2018


Nyhavn, lined with 17th- and 18th-century buildings, is a short walk from Designmuseum Danmark.

Thomas Høyrup Christensen, Copenhagen Media Center

American Craft's writers visited various far-flung locales over the past year, from Copenhagen to Santa Fe, but they all shared a common theme: a dedication to and support of a craft community. As you put together your craft wish list for 2019, revisit our coverage of these regions.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, a city renowned for comfort and chic style, boasts a craft scene that reflects those traits. Joann Plockova's exploration takes her off the beaten path.

Roanoke, Virginia
Southwestern Virginia has a long history of the handmade, but the Blue Ridge reflects a modern sensibility, too. Megan Guerber visits with the iconoclasts behind Black Dog Salvage and checks in on the region's idyllic hallmarks.

Roanoke, Virginia

Originally a railroad town, Roanoke, Virginia, has reinvented itself in recent years. Today the city touts its hiking and biking – some of the country’s best – and its burgeoning craft scene.

Creative Dog Media, Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge

Lisbon, Portugal
In the capital of Portugal, craft is a way of life. Shelley Seale's investigation covers its traditions of tile, embroidery, and tattoos.

Pena Palace Lisbon

The wildly eclectic Pena Palace, a short drive from Lisbon, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Courtesy of Visit Lisboa

Golden Isles, Georgia
Georgia's Golden Isles make for a postcard-worthy setting, all sunshine and sea. But, as Shannon Sharpe writes, they also feature a well-established and still-growing community of makers.

St. Simons Lighthouse

Famous for scenic backdrops such as spacious beaches and the postcard-ready St. Simons Lighthouse, the Golden Isles draw visitors from all over. The region also features craft talent visible in everything from town festivals to the handmade napkins at Georgia Sea Grill.

Cleveland, Ohio
It might still bring to mind rust-belt images of factories, but Cleveland is now also a destination for artists of all stripes. Still, Afi-Odelia E. Scruggs notes, it hasn't lost its hardworking spirit.

78th Street Studios Demo

78th Street Studios: The complex of galleries and studios opens to the public several times a month, including Watch It Wednesdays, with maker demonstrations.

Greg Wilson

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe is steeped in such craft tradition that it still has more to show even the familiar visitor. Kelly Murphy makes the rounds, from museums to markets to corner boutiques, all set amid the unmistakable countryside.

Museum Hill Front

On Museum Hill, visitors can find a range of art by Native Americans, Spanish colonizers, and artists from all over the world.

Courtesy of Tourism Santa Fe