Video: Library Salon Series featuring Ani Kasten

Video: Library Salon Series featuring Ani Kasten

Ani Kasten, Vessel

On March 14 we were thrilled to kick off our 2018 Library Salon Series with Minnesota ceramist Ani Kasten. Kasten's story is definitely one of the "road less traveled" variety. Her journey began in her hometown on Nantucket Island, where she grew up in an arts-centric home. From there, she journeyed to England and discovered the joy of ceramics, and then continued her practice in Maryland. She now lives in Minnesota, and she has taken her place among Minnesota’s foremost potters as part of the St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour.

A few of us were lucky enough to make the trek out to Kasten’s home and studio in Shafer, Minnesota. Greeted by two dogs and a coop full of chickens, we were led on a tour of Kasten's gorgeous, sunny barn-turned-studio and gallery space. The studio she shares with no one but her dogs, but the gallery is a stunning room containing beautifully displayed works by both Kasten and her friend, mentor, colleague, and neighbor Connee Mayeron-Cowles.

The visit ended with us sitting across from Kasten in her studio – on a stool and a small step ladder respectively – surrounded by brushes, wheels, carving tools, and a sleepy pup as we shared a lovely conversation on what it means to be a self-made maker. We hope you're as inspired by our conversation as we were.

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