"Present Tense: 2019" Conference

"Present Tense: 2019" Conference

Registration will open in January 2019.

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October 10 – 12, 2019
Loews Hotel, Philadelphia

Forging new connections beyond the usual sphere of craft is the topic of our 2019 “Present Tense” conference. What opportunities can we create when we engage in cross-disciplinary conversations about making? How can “craft thinking” and our material knowledge benefit the technological and scientific fields? Can we create an open-minded assessment of our cherished traditions and adapt them to new environments? How does our work remain relevant in a world that has enough “stuff” already? And what can the craft community learn from the culinary, construction, medical, and fashion worlds – just to name a few?

For “Present Tense,” ACC will bring together artists, thinkers, scholars, students, educators, curators, and designers to take the pulse of the craft world and discover new connections and relevance within the broader landscape of fields of all kinds. We hope you will join us!

Stay tuned for details about speakers, programming, and more. Registration will open in January 2019.