Conferential Libraries

Conferential Libraries

Published on Thursday, September 22, 2016.
Mini library at ACC 1977 conference

The Research and Education Department set up an ACC mini-library at the American Crafts Council's 8th National Conference, held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina from June 6–12, 1977.

Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, hosted the American Craft Council’s eighth national conference in June 1977. It was a five-day event with numerous seminars, lectures, exhibitions, demonstrations, and workshops. Looking back at our documentation of this event, we were pleased to find this picture of a mini resource center, which featured slides, books, periodicals, and other information from the library.

Next month in Omaha, Nebraska, we will be reprising this idea with our Library Lab at “Present Tense,” our 12th national conference. Replace the 1977-era slides with digital slideshows, and add demonstrations of our digital collections database combined with displays of objects from our ACC Archives to see a sample of the treasures owned by the American Craft Council Library and Archives.

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