Meet Jenny Fong

Meet Jenny Fong

Published on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.
Jenny Fong Modern Shibori Booth 2019 American Craft Show Saint Paul

Jenny Fong in her artist booth at the 2019 American Craft Show in Saint Paul.

About Jenny: Jenny is a textile artist living and working in Berkeley, California. She’s inspired by architectural shapes and bold colors in a modern world. Here, she shares her thoughts on the Hip Pop emerging artists program, which she credits with pointing her in her current craft direction.

ACC: What inspires you about the world of craft in general, especially as experienced at the craft shows?

Jenny: There’s a lot being written about the speed of technology ruling our lives and our need to push back this, unplug, and connect in real life. This is where the world of craft holds an important place in our lives. Slow living, slowing down time, making things one at a time provides a sweetness and harmony necessary for our wellbeing.

ACC: How has being a Hip Pop artist helped advance your career?

Jenny: Being a Hip Pop artist has helped me think more boldly about my craft and find direction in regard to fiber art. My career is advancing because Hip Pop places me in front of a quality educated audience I otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

At the shows I’ve also been able to reach out to more established artists as friends and mentors. The artists I stay in touch with are masters at their craft and massive inspiration for me. One of the main questions I grapple with is how to grow my craft career to be financially and creatively fulfilling. Conversations with these masters give me perspective and valuable advice.

ACC: Why do you think the Hip Pop emerging artists program is important?

Jenny: For me it’s all about connection and possibilities. I can learn a lot from established artists and vice versa. The Hip Pop program helps ACC reach across generations which benefits customers and artisans alike.

ACC: If you could personally thank the members/donors who make the Hip Pop program possible, what would you say?

Jenny: To the donors of the Hip Pop program – my customers, my fellow artisans and I thank you deeply for your support. You’re investing in bringing beauty and meaning to humanity through craft. The Hip Pop program is an amazing platform that allows emerging artists to dig deeper into their craft and connect with customers who validate their artistic visions. I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard that my work brings my customers joy. We represent an emotional contact, a beautiful escape for them and you’re allowing us to continue making through your support of the Hip Pop emerging artists program.