The Mind Behind the Magic: Lindsay Noble

The Mind Behind the Magic: Lindsay Noble

Published on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.
Emerging Artist Awardee Jessica C. White with Lindsay Noble

Lindsay Noble (right) presenting award to artist Jessica C. White (left).

About Lindsay: As engagement manager, Lindsay Noble is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she manage the jury process of selecting artists for the Hip Pop emerging artists program, she also works closely with our marketing and show teams, and provides invaluable support and guidance to each of our invited artists. As she says, “At the shows, I make sure to individually connect with each emerging artist so they feel supported and heard. It’s a lot of socializing, but I love it!”

The Mind Behind the Magic: With a background in printmaking and art history, Lindsay is familiar with the amount of time, endurance, and drive needed to form a creative concept into a successful finished product. “I can easily relate to an artist’s struggles and anticipate their needs,” said Lindsay. “My background in visual merchandising and window design helped me develop a sharp eye for successful (and creative!) booth design and merchandising techniques, which I am then able to extend to our artists.”

The Inspiration: “The inspiration for Hip Pop was to develop a professional pathway for new and emerging artists to enter and succeed in American Craft Shows and its community,” said Lindsay. “In return, new artists entering ACC’s shows will provide new and fresh perspectives and help cultivate new and broader audiences.”

Why Hip Pop Matters: The program is unlike any other – allowing artists test the marketplace across the nation without a huge financial investment. With help from supporters, ACC provides emerging artists with all the tools they need at shows – from a modular booth structure to a built-in community of artists that they can learn from and form new relationships with. “Hip Pop’s reasonable point of entry helps make American Craft Shows more inclusive, accessible, and . . . helps artists grow their careers,” said Lindsay.

“In addition, Hip Pop’s communal structure builds community and long-lasting relationships which is so important in today’s world,” she added. “The close Hip Pop community allows for peer-to-peer reflections, feedback, and growth. We all need each other and want to see success!”

Final Thoughts: Investing in the careers of emerging artists is an investment in the future of American craft. “Many artists join the program with little experience, and it is rewarding to watch their careers grow with ACC and their community of makers,” said Lindsay.

“As Hip Pop’s program manager I’m so lucky to connect closely with so many talented artists from all walks of life. These connections have broadened my perspective and knowledge of the field and helped me grow professionally and personally. I am forever grateful for the experience to manage such an impactful program.”