Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: MJ Sykes

Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: MJ Sykes

American Craft Show in Atlanta

Published on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.
MJ Sykes

MJ Sykes

Courtesy of MJ Sykes

What's your company name?

What's your favorite style tip?
Build from the timeless classics, which anchor your style in an effortlessly chic way. However, don’t be afraid of trends, as they allow you to experiment and tune into what’s going on now.

What’s your advice for selecting pieces to complement your wardrobe at the American Craft Show?
Embrace bold and chunky pieces for your casual looks – don’t just pair them with something “special.” Mixing textures and mediums is a great way to create a unique look that is all your own.

Who are your ACC show artist picks? 
Large bags are totally in and have become a true staple in any wardrobe. This bag by Beth Levine (top right) has the richest color and coolest origami-like pattern created with triangular patches. It definitely can be carried with everyday looks through the seasons. The rich speckled color and warm gold detail of these earrings by Patty Bolz (bottom middle) are a daring and creative statement. Wear these earrings as the perfect complement to patterns and solids. They totally inspire me to go out to see and be seen! This ring by Geoffrey Giles (right, middle) is gorgeous chunky ice. The sharp edges, cracked interior, and textured exterior create an amazing contrast. No need to worry that this ring will blend in; it will pop with any color. This necklace by Barbara Heinrich (bottom right) has a delicate, enchanting and rhythmic flow. The floating leaves appear to dance around the neck in a beautiful tempo. Surely, it will transform classic black or deep reds into stunning glamour. Matching pieces, like these by Kate Rothra Fleming (left), can be so fun, worn together or separate. The mixed medium of chains, beads, and metallic flecks create cool texture for a modern and chic look. It’s perfect for day-wear or transitioning into cocktail hour. This broach by So-Young Park (right middle) has it all – color, texture, and metallic detail. I love the colorful, folded petals that cascade along the mixed metal so beautifully. This piece will add wattage effortlessly to even the most casual look of jeans, a tank, and cropped jacket. I was drawn to the unique and audacious feel of this necklace by Megan Auman (top middle). At first glance, it has the look of the inside of an oyster shell with large liquid pearls. This piece would be amazing with an off-the-shoulder flowing top of any color.

MJ's artist picks