Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: Naghmeh Fatima Ghayour

Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: Naghmeh Fatima Ghayour

American Craft Show in Atlanta

Published on Sunday, March 4, 2018.
Naghmeh Fatima Ghayour

Naghmeh Fatima Ghayour

Courtesy of Naghmeh Fatima Ghayour

What's your company name?
Nila Bolour

What's your favorite style tip?
A great style has a sense of ease, an unspoken confident quality. It cannot be forced; great style happens organically.

What’s your advice for selecting pieces to complement your wardrobe at the American Craft Show?
The best advice I can give for selecting pieces to complement looks is to simply capture the overall essence of each look. I believe the styling process should be organic. The overall result should create some form of emotion. It should be powerful.

Who are your ACC show artist picks?
I absolutely love this piece by Sana Doumet. The mixture of silver and gold is one of my all-time favorite touches to a look. This cuff is simple, yet bold. Elegance at its best! This piece by Geoffrey Giles is divine. Simple, balanced, and well designed! This necklace could complement many looks. It is perfect with jeans and a simple top, or worn with an evening dress. Either way, this piece has an attitude of pure elegance! I also chose this ring by Giles (bottom middle) because it has an element of mystery. I think the geometric lines are modern and add a sophisticated taste to the overall design. Beautiful. When I saw this piece by Jonathan Rutledge  I thought immediately, “I need this in my life!” It is so beautiful. I love the braided look of the band. I find this piece to be both a signature and a go-to for many outfits. Patty Bolz's earrings are a statement piece, for sure. The rich tone of red represents so much strength and confidence. Mixed with the powerful essence of gold, these earrings are the perfect choice for a bold look. This ring by Cornelia Goldsmith is a fairytale – an absolute dream. The colors, shapes, and overall look of this ring is so perfectly made. It has a playful quality that I admire. One of my favorites for sure. This necklace by Kathleen Caid took my breath away. It is unique, filled with emotion, and very story-driven. It is exquisite. I think anyone wearing this necklace would appreciate the designer’s passion. It shows in the piece. Truly a work of art. These earrings by Jennifer Walker are so fun! They are eye-catching and exciting. I love the petal shapes, the pretty blues, and the good balance in the overall design.

Naghmeh's style picks

Clockwise from top left: Geoffrey GilesPatty BolzKathleen CaidJennifer WalkerGeoffrey GilesCornelia GoldsmithJonathan Rutledge, and Sana Doumet