Jen Stark

Good Vibrations

LA artist Jen Stark’s dizzying creations show up in galleries, on TV, and everywhere in between.
Wendy McAllister Atoll

Prime Time

These jewelers are in for the long haul, and it shows in their work.
Jones and Callahan

Two Halves of a Whole

Opposites in temperament, Brendan Callahan and Thom Jones rely on each other to keep Semigood Design thriving.
Justin Favela with Quico

Piñata Pride

Las Vegas artist Justin Favela riffs on stereotypes with tissue paper, glue, and a sense of humor.
Nancy Callan Katherine Gray

Support System

Though miles separate them, glass artists Nancy Callan and Katherine Gray have forged a lasting friendship, in the studio and out.
Calvin Ma Lighten Up

At Home in the World

San Francisco ceramist Calvin Ma’s charming characters make their way through an angst-filled world. He can relate.
Hank Willis Thomas Will You Fly or Will You Vanish

A Legacy Unceasing

Growing up in an inventive environment fueled Hank Willis Thomas’ passion for art and activism.
Haas Family

A Right-Brained Bunch

Brothers Nikolai and Simon Haas may be polar opposites, but their mom says they make the perfect team.
Serge Bloch illustration

The Business of Being an Artist

Whether you’re just getting started or considering social practice or craft shows, others have walked that path before you. We talked to successful artists about what they’ve learned.
Ellie Richards Broom Time series

Merry Maker

Woodworker Ellie Richards is dead serious about play.
Tim Tate Intimations on Immortality

The Spaces Between

Tim Tate no longer feels invisible, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped looking within.
Cannupa Hanska Luger

Creative Disruption

Cannupa Hanska Luger builds sculptures and installations that shatter misconceptions.
Michael Schunke and Josie Gluck Opaline Jewel Bottles

Pure Harmony

As studio and life partners, Michael Schunke and Josie Gluck pursue perfection.