Make Room Designer Spotlight: The LOCZIdesign Group

Make Room Designer Spotlight: The LOCZIdesign Group

American Craft Show in San Francisco

Published on Monday, July 10, 2017.
The LOCZIdesign Group

The LOCZIdesign Group

Courtesy of the LOCZIdesign Group

What is your company name? The LOCZIdesign Group

What decade did you select and why?
The '60s have always held allure. There is a balance of essential line and function, yet a nod to surrealism with high-chroma color and references to an adventurist spirit. The 1960s were a bridge with one foot in the nostalgic past and one foot into the psychedelic future.

What is your vision for the space?
It's where our creative lead retires when they're in their own home. One part mod, one part Danish modern, one part psychedelic, one part craft.

What attracted you to the craft objects you’re featuring in your vignette?
With each artist, we were drawn to a different aspect we'd like to highlight within the room. James Aarons' art references the high-chroma colors as well as the mod shapes. Both Koji Tanaka and Kevin Costello's work reference high craftsmanship as well as the use of organic materials. Susan Kinzig's whimsical work delighted us and played nicely juxtaposed with the modern lines of the artists featured.

What's your favorite design tip?
How do our most personal items remind us of who we are and where we are headed? We can use these items to create conscious and subconscious patterns.

What ACC show artists' pieces are you featuring?
Clockwise from left: James Aarons, Susan Kinzig, Koji Tanaka, and Kevin Costello

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