Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: Maya Alex Deschamps

Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: Maya Alex Deschamps

American Craft Show in San Francisco

Published on Monday, July 23, 2018.
Maya Alex Deschamps
Courtesy of Maya Alex Deschamps

What's your company name? M.A.D. MGMT

How do you define your signature style?
My signature style is chic with an edge. During my years spent in Paris, I was deeply influenced by the classic tradition and craftsmanship of the French houses such as Hermès, Chanel, Dior, and YSL, to name a few. The attention to detail and history appealed to me. Later, when I traveled to Tokyo, I was fascinated by the eclectic, colorful fashion and knew that embracing the two would be my interpretation. My concept now, while in California, is this marriage of tradition and creative freedom – classicism with a colorful edge. I embrace the old houses as much as the new generation of talented designers, and I’m always looking for new inspiration and ideas.

What's your favorite style tip?
Trust your individuality, and embrace it. Flatter your shape, and accessorize.

Who are your ACC show artist picks?

  • Mira Blackman: I like the her use of organic, heritage textiles. The natural, serene feel of her pieces appeals to me. Her fluid shapes are versatile and can be either used alone or layered on top of more structured pieces for a balanced look.
  • Susan Bradley: I like Susan’s modern take on the kimono, as well as her more structured, belted pieces. Her approach gives the clothing a sharp, yet wearable, feel. The vibrant smash of color on a neutral canvas accentuates the lines and silhouette.
  • Richard Davis: His accessories have an earthy, yet luxurious, feel to them. The mix of materials is interesting and modern. His bags could easily be worn with jeans or evening wear.
  • Chris Triola: Her work reminds me of a painting. Her background as a painter shows in the textile robes, which also wink to the traditional Kazakhstani robes I once saw. I love her choice of muted colors and how versatile the pieces can be, from coat to cover-up. 
Maya's artist picks