Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: Tracy Diamond

Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: Tracy Diamond

American Craft Show in San Francisco

Published on Monday, July 16, 2018.
Tracy Diamond
Courtesy of Tracy Diamond

What's your company name? Tracy Diamond Styling

How do you define your signature style?
I would describe my signature style as urban street style meets Jackie O with a vintage boho influence. Growing up in Toronto, I always admired the California hippie-chic bell-bottom look, but also loved the New York fashion scene à la 50s sophistication. My aunts, who lived in New York City, heavily influenced my sense of style development. In their wardrobe: the famed DVF dresses, the Jackie O dress coat evening ensembles, the legendary Gucci bags, as well as the killer high-waisted Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. Hence, my favorite is to mash up styles, patterns, and eras. I draw from South American textiles, Asian embroidered silks, and European folk dress. Did I forget to mention I love a vintage find too? I don't ever go with what is trending. I create my own trend. One could say I am a mixmaster of styles, fashion, and culture. The world is my closet, and I create my everyday style from it. 

What's your favorite style tip?
Basic essentials are a must in building a wardrobe, while proper lingerie pieces are key in styling.

Who are your ACC show artist picks?

  • Sharon Rosenthal: The leaf necklace – what a statement piece. It is elegant, timeless, and powerful.
  • Mira Blackman: The indigo-dyed mud-cloth jacket – how gorgeous is this garment? I am addicted to an African mud-cloth garment; it just screams originality.
  • Mau Schoettle: Now this is my jam: urban street style, recycled, crafted, wearable-art jacket. I say it is a classic.
  • Ian James: This bag has a futurist look and makes a statement: "I am confident, organized, and ready."
Tracy's artist picks