Five Questions with Molly Hatch

Five Questions with Molly Hatch

Learn more about the commemorative plate wall that ceramist Molly Hatch created for "Present Tense."

Molly Hatch SCOPE

Molly Hatch with her plate installation, SCOPE, created for ACC's 2016 "Present Tense" conference.

John Polak

After months of planning, we're excited to gather the craft field together at Kaneko in Omaha, Nebraska, this week for our national conference, "Present Tense."

One of the things we're especially looking forward to is seeing the commemorative plate wall installation created by ceramist Molly Hatch to recognize all of our conference supporters. Hatch used imagery from the ACC Library and Archives as inspiration for SCOPE, and we asked her to share a bit more with us about her process and the finished installation.

What was your process like for exploring the archives for inspiration?
I approached sourcing inspiration for SCOPE as I do most of my work. I typically research online, in museums and museum archives, as well as libraries for inspiration. In this case, I worked with the ACC to develop the concept and overall direction for the piece, which helped a lot in sourcing imagery in the ACC archives in Minneapolis. I spent an afternoon looking through the past catalogues from exhibitions, conferences, and the magazine to get a sense of the overall feeling of the history of the publications by the ACC.

Molly Hatch Plate Wall

Molly Hatch, SCOPE, 2017

John Polak

What stood out and how did you decide?
It became clear that throughout the history of ACC publications, covers have been consistently graphic in nature, often a pattern or pattern reference was used. So I thought I would approach designing SCOPE to incorporate a selection of covers. I was excited to see how many worked well together in a linear way — creating a new composition from past covers. In the end, I unified the graphics by making the overall composition monochrome, the gold was something I added later, as I felt it needed one more element to complete and unify the composition.

What do you hope people take away from the finished installation?
A sense of unity despite material — that metaphorically the donors and active members and community that makes up the ACC are each integral parts to making up a whole. Without any single one of us, the composition isn’t complete — yet each of use stand on our own as individuals within the whole. I am excited to reference the amazing ACC Library and Archives. It's an incredible resource that I hope more people will take advantage of. Finally, I hope that viewers see this as a celebration of the ACC and its past, present, and future.

What's next for you as an artist?
I am continuing work in my studio as an artist making one-of-a-kind wall installations and also as a designer working to develop product. I am working on a large installation for the Newark Museum in New Jersey. That will be my largest installation to date with more than 500 plates in the installation. The piece will be on public view in summer of 2017.

What are you most looking forward to at the "Present Tense" conference?
I am most excited about the conversations in the community. I am curious about what is on our community’s mind, how folks are doing, and what is happening out there in the American craft scene. I am entering the conference with excitement and an open mind!

See SCOPE in person at the "Present Tense" conference in Omaha, Nebraska, on October 13-15. ACC thanks Molly Hatch for her incredible work and Todd Merrill Studio for sponsoring her work of art.